Q. How do I go about renting gear from SCBArentalco.com?

A. Order securely online by completing the online order form or contact us in person via our toll free number. If paying by check, money order or certified check, simply complete the online order form, print it out, and mail it in with your payment. You can also order over the phone.

Q. Why should I rent my SCBA ensemble from SCBArentalco.com instead of just buying the SCBA from a local dealer?

A. Purchasing a complete new SCBA ensemble can cost more than $4,000.00. Further, if you are a student you will be supplied with SCBA and equipment by the hiring fire department, making the purchased SCBA obsolete if any brand is used by that department. It makes much more sense to rent SCBA from SCBArentalco.com where you are paying only for the use of the SCBA.

Q. Is the SCBA I rent from SCBArentalco.com brand new?

A. There are many new parts that are brand new, however the SCBA in most cases is refurbished. All the SCBA we use is top quality, late-model SCBA from major manufacturers such as SCOTT & MSA.

Q. Is the gear NFPA approved?

A. All of our gear is compliant to NFPA.

Q. How do I know that the SCBA you send me will fit correctly?

A. All SCBA Shoulder straps and Waist straps are adjustable. Extensions are available if needed.

Q. Do I have to clean the SCBA before returning it?

A. No. Do not attempt to clean or sanitize the SCBA yourself. You will return the SCBA dirty at the end of the rental period. The materials used in the construction of the SCBA are highly technical and must be cleaned/sanitized using the proper combination of pre-treatment, water temperature and cleaning agents. Please contact us if the SCBA must be cleaned during the rental period.

Q. How is the SCBA sent to me and how do I return it when I’m done?

A. The SCBA are sent to you via UPS Ground. UPS Next Day Air and UPS Second Day Air are available at an extra cost. A pre-paid UPS Return Shipping label is included in the box for your convenience. When returning the gear, simply affix the label to the box and take it to any UPS facility. If your academy has all SCBA shipped via freight then we will take care of shipping to and from the school.

Q. If the SCBA is damaged during my training, will I be charged?

A. Normal wear and tear is included in your rental fee. Please refer to Rental Terms & Conditions for a detailed description of what is considered normal wear and tear. This description also lists damages that are beyond normal wear and tear and for which you will be responsible.