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Instructors / Directors SCBA Rental Co. offers up to 5 FREE SCBA to your instructors per school with more than 20 students renting SCBA per semester. This will ensure your instructors are wearing the …

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Turnout Gear Rental

Are you a Fire Cadet or Fire Academy looking for quality TOG Ensembles and excellent customer service? We recommend the following Turnout Gear Rental …

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Students – Please Read!

1 – 5 Month Lease Program - For students attending a program that is typically full-time and semester-based

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Renting your SCBA from “The SCBA Rental Company” is the right choice and this is why…

WE HAVE UPGRADED ALL OF OUR RENTAL SCBA TO 2002 and 2007  NFPA STANDARDS. We carry thousands of SCBA in our rental fleet and we service and sanitize each one of our SCBA after each semester.  We are reliable, trustworthy and dependable.  Our main objective is to provide safe, reliable & quality SCBA that meets NFPA standards to all FireFighting cadets requiring SCBA for their Fire Academy.  Our SCBA are also ideal for oil field safety rental contracts when extra SCBA is required. i.e. Refinery Upgrades, Turnarounds and Shutdowns.  Special rates apply to Short and Long term rental contracts.  We are also willing to work hand in hand with H2S Safety companies.

When renting SCBA from us, we guarantee to have the lowest rental prices in the US & Canada. We are also saving Fire Science Academy’s & Schools money and the hassle of SCBA ownership, including the continuous care and maintenance requirements. Renting SCBA from us eliminates the need for scheduled and unscheduled SCBA repairs. We incur all maintenance costs!

The SCBA Rental Company is the right choice for your SCBA rental needs.

SCBA showed up on time, despite our short notice for wanting equipment.  The SCBA Rental people acted quickly to supply us with the SCBA needed for our students.  We also appreciated that our instructors were not charged to use the SCBA.

David Schow Fire Science Academy

The cost of maintaining our student’s SCBA for our fire academy was getting completely out of hand. The SCBA Rental Co. has helped to reduce operational expenses significantly within the fire academy program.

Dan Shimanak Fire Science Academy

Equipment was in excellent condition, wonderful customer service.  The SCBA Rental Company took excellent care of our instructors and our students.  Thank you!

Paul Anderson Fire Science Academy

We saved thousands last year in SCBA maintenance costs by having our students rent SCBA from The SCBA Rental Co..  Great service and a great group of guys. I would recommend this company to any school out there wanting to save money.

Mark Briar Fire Science Academy